I often mention in my blogs and workshops the importance of finding your 'WHY', because explaining the 'WHY' of the product or service you sell is key to capturing the hearts and minds of your prospect customers.  But just as we are not always in the mood to hang around our nearest and dearest of the human variety, the same applies when communicating our brand messages.  No matter how brilliant those messages are, your target customer might not always be receptive to what you have to say.

Nailing your WHY is a key factor in delivering your brand messages with impact: Get the WHY right and your prospects will be able to see why they should be interested in what you sell, what you will solve for them, and why can they can’t walk away without buying.

But that’s just the start.   Once you’ve got your WHY clearly articulated, then it’s time to go and find your target customers, by looking at how they spend their day, where they go, what social medial they use etc, and then you can plan your marketing communications. However, as simple as this seems, you still might not get the reception you want. 

Just because you know where they hang out, doesn’t’ mean they want to be found.  Get the timing wrong and they will not listen to you no matter how brilliant your brand messages are.   Imagine you have a range of organic healthcare products aimed at mums to help them get some “me time” back.  In your planning, you would probably choose to use Facebook as this demographic are prolific Facebook users. But mums are also busy so you need to get your timing right. Catch them at the start of the day and they will be far too busy running a military operation to get everyone ready for school.  Follow guidance on when Facebook gets used the most and you would probably start posting at 3pm - a time when those mums are now on the school run and racing to the next Scouts or ballet commitment.  They are unlikely to be in the right frame of mind to think about their own wellbeing and your post or ad will probably get unfairly dismissed.

There’s no fixed science to finding the most receptive time per channel for your targets, so I suggest a common sense approach – How would you feel if you were in their shoes?  Then it’s a matter of trial and error, reviewing what gets the best response and works best for your business. 


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